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Welcome to the Wildish Blog on the Internet!
(You know you read that in the prospector's voice)

Think traveling with kids is too difficult? A hassle? Not worth the money because they won’t remember it?


I am a mother of three children, and I speak from experience when I tell you it is NONE of those things.


It’s amazing! Relatively easy!


Completely worth the money because traveling will become part of who they are, help shape them into the human they are meant to be and connect you as a family in a meaningful way.


Sure, it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows, to quote one of my favorite animated movies. But its not as difficult or scary as you think.


I started this blog to share what I have learned in a decade’s worth of family travels. All my tips and tricks to traveling with young kids, honest reviews of our adventures, and glimpses into the destinations and accommodations we’ve experienced.

No surprise, but Disney is our favorite and we travel with them often. (Can you guess my favorite ride?)


Hopefully it will inspire you to go on an amazing adventure of your own. And with confidence.

Anna Wildish-Wildish Adventures Disney and Vacation Travel Planner

Who We Are

We are the Wildish family, a group of 5 individuals who love exploring the world, swimming in the ocean, and a good baseball game.


We are Disney fanatics! A lot of our adventures lead us there and we’ve gotten how to navigate a busy park with babies, toddlers, and a double stroller down to a science.

Here you will find lots of tips, tricks, and information aimed at inspiring you to take an unforgettable vacation with your kids, no matter their age.


Thanks for joining us on our Wild--ish adventures!

I’m Anna — wife, mother, and travel planner extraordinaire.

I grew up in Hawaii, started my family in Oregon, and currently live in Pearland, Texas. But I have traveled to all corners of the country. I like to pack as few things as possible in my suitcase, a good book, and the Oregon Ducks.


When I’m not planning our next adventure, you’ll find me reading the latest Disney parks news, roaming the aisles of Target, and cheering on my kids at their various sporting events and dance classes.


I am also a Personal Vacation Advisor with Magical Vacation Planner, an authorized Disney vacation planner agency. I make it easy for families to go on magical vacations to destinations worldwide. 

My services are complimentary!

Anna Wildish-Wildish Adventures Disney and Vacation Travel Planner
Anna Wildish-Wildish Adventures Disney and Vacation Travel Planner

My amazing husband. Spiritual leader of our house, lover of the Chicago Cubs, and youth sports coach guru. He has a serious gift of coaching and inspiring kids through sports and I could not be prouder to call myself his wife.


The oldest. He loves baseball, basketball, soccer -- well just sports in general. He is a math whiz and naturally gifted athlete with a kind and compassionate heart.


Our fiery middle child with a heart of gold. He also loves baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs, and is one of the first people to cheer on and congratulate his teammates.


Our spunky youngest child. She loves to dance, unicorns, pink, and torturing her brothers. She calls Minnie Mouse her “girl” and will win you over in two seconds with her fun and chatty personality.


Our furry Wildish family travel companion.

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