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A Tip to Using Disney World's Magical Express

Flying with kids is not easy. I know, because I've been doing it for over 9 years now.

Even though I feel like we've gotten it down to a science and figured out how to travel as light as possible, wrangling all our stuff and all our kids at the airport is the most stressful part of the trip for me.

Three kids, 2 big suitcases plus several smaller ones, a stroller, maybe some car seats. That's typically how we roll.

I think I lose my mind and get the most overheated in that small window of time between getting our bags at baggage claim, finding our transportation, and getting to our hotel.

Which is why I LOVE Disney World's Magical Express. It takes all that stress away.

When we get to the Orlando airport, not only are we down a few bags because we don't need our car seats while we are there, we can forget about our bags all together and head straight to our hotel.

Why? Because Disney will take care of it for me. They will go to baggage claim, grab all our bags, and magically deliver them to our hotel room later that day. No heavy lifting on me or my husband's part. They just magically appear in our room.

We can head straight to the pool or park or wherever we want without worry. Talk about a great way to start the trip!

The tip to making this fantastic perk to staying at a Disney World resort hotel completely magical is being prepared for the day and bedtime before you check your bags in at your home airport.

It can sometimes take a few hours for the bags to be delivered. I mean, think about all the bags and all the rooms they have to make deliveries to. That's a lot of stuff!

So what we do, and I highly recommend, is taking one small carry on the plane with you that has all the items you would need for your family up through bedtime. I'm talking swimsuits, PJ's, maybe a change of clothes for dinner, a set of toiletries, all medication, and whatever your kids will need to go to bed that night.

That way if it takes a little longer for your bags to arrive, it won't keep you from taking full advantage of your day. And being in charge of just one small bag instead of several large and heavy ones is a trade I'd make any day!

Disney's Magical Express is free and just one of the many perks available only Disney World Resort guests. It takes you to and from the airport and around Disney World while you are there. No rental car needed!

Look out for my upcoming blog post that talks about all the reasons why staying on site at Disney World is completely worth it, especially when you are a family with young kids.

I am a travel agent with Magical Vacation Planner and can help you plan an unforgettable vacation with your family. Email me, head to my Facebook page, or set up time to chat if you’d like to start planning your magical vacation.

Or head here to download your copy of my free Disney Vacation planning worksheets.



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