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5 Easy Ways to Prep for a Disney Vacation in a Post-COVID World

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Things are finally looking up in the Wildish household.

School is out for the summer, which means no more battling with kids to get their school work done.

And Disney is reopening!!!

Que my happy dance.

As of posting Disney has already started it’s phased reopening at Disney World. Disneyland should begin the process soon as well.

There are lots of articles out there about Disney’s reopening process and procedures. This is not going to be another one.

The best way to find out the latest info is to head here for Disney World and here for Disneyland. Disney updates these in real time so you know what you are reading is correct and up to date.

When you are ready to head back to the parks for some Disney magic, consider following these best practices to help you and your family prepare.

Make Your Park Reservations As Soon As Possible

You now need a park reservation AND a valid ticket to be able to visit a Disney theme park. No more walking up to a park the day of and expecting to get in.

This is so they can restrict daily capacity, and there is no way of knowing how fast the parks will reach capacity.

It’s imperative you make your park reservations as soon as possible.

The park reservation system is already up and running for Disney World. Disneyland’s park reservation system has not been announced as of this posting (but be sure to check the website above to see if things have changed.)

If you are a travel client of mine, don’t worry. I got you covered. I’ll walk you through this process and send you reminders so you know exactly when and how to do this important step. (I’ve even made you a short video tutorial with some tips!)

Test Out Different Face Coverings

Face coverings are required to be worn by everyone ages 2 and up when you are in a public area, including at your hotel. (Exceptions are when you are dining and when you are swimming in the pool.)

And no, costume masks do not count.

Before you vacation, try out different types of face coverings that meets Disney’s requirements to find your favorite. You’ll be wearing it for long periods time. You want to make sure it’s comfy!

Practice Wearing Your Face Coverings. Kids too!

Once you’ve found the perfect face covering, practice wearing it for long periods of time. Start by wearing it for a short period of time. Then increase the amount of time you spend in the mask each day.

Even better? Start taking daily walks as a family wearing your face covering, taking longer and longer walks each day.

Not only will you be preparing the kids for walking several miles a day, they’ll be getting used to their face coverings while doing it. Killing two birds with one stone there!

Bring Multiple Face Coverings

Especially if it is hot, you will want to change your face coverings to something fresh at least once, if not more times a day. Be sure to pack a few different masks per person in your park bag so you can change them throughout the day.

Don't forget to pack some liquid laundry detergent in your suitcase as well. That way you can hand wash your masks each night in the hotel bathroom sink so they are all fresh for the next day.

Plan a Rest Day, or a Few

A pool day in the middle of your trip will do wonders for your feet, energy level, and give you a nice break from having to wear your face covering so much.

Planning rest days in your trip has always been a good idea. It is an especially great idea now to save you from mask fatigue.

Bonus Tip: Come with a Magical Perspective

Disney is back open, but it won’t look or feel the same as it did before the pandemic.

But it’s still Disney and you know you can count on them to make it as magical as possible.

I am a big believer that everything is what you make of it. If you go with the mindset that it will be horrible and different, that is what it will be. But if you go with the intent to make the most of it, you are bound to have a great time.

Be safe, adhere to the guidelines, and have a magical post-COVID Disney vacation!

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