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Why PizzeRizzo is the Best Quick Service Restaurant in Hollywood Studios

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I hesitate to write this blog. I don’t want more people to know about this.

But here goes. I love PizzeRizzo.

What is PizzeRizzo? It is a quick service restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

It’s one of my favorites because it’s usually not very busy. And if word gets out about how amazing it is, that could change.

But alas, it is my duty to inform you on all things Disney. And I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t inform you on this awesome restaurant.

What is PizzeRizzo?

Price Range: $14.99 and under

Dining Credit: 1 Quick Service

Mobile Ordering: Yes

PizzeRizzo is an Italian quick service restaurant located in Grand Avenue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Are you thinking “huh?” when I say Grand Avenue? It’s the area right next to Muppet*Vision 3D, to the left of the main entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

It has mobile ordering, which is such a time saver and convenience when traveling with kids. Huge plus.

What Does it Serve?

It’s your basic Italian quick service restaurant. It serves pizza, a meatball sub, antipasto salad, and some other goodies. The menu itself is not that extensive. But the quality is good, and the food is tasty.

My husband had the meatball sub, my kids the pizza, and I had the antipasto salad.

I usually hesitate ordering salads at theme parks. You never know the quality of the lettuce and other ingredients you’ll get. But this salad was very well made, had crisp and fresh veggies, and I was full without feeling heavy after my meal.

My husband and kids also enjoyed their meals. We all agreed it was one of our favorite quick service meals the entire trip. Everyone wanted to go back.

Why is it so awesome?

The food is not why this restaurant is so awesome. Yeah, it’s yummy, but I wouldn’t rush there for the food alone.

What makes it so awesome?

The theming and décor!

It is decorated to resemble a metropolitan pizzeria. There are also tons of Muppet photos and Muppet themed paraphernalia. (Oh how I love the Muppets.)

The restaurant has two levels. Most people grab their food from the counter on the first level and look for a table downstairs.

Don’t do that!

The real treat awaits you upstairs on the second floor. There are less people up there. And you can eat your delicious meal in a banquet hall where the wedding reception for Gil & Lill is taking place.

Who is Gil & Lill? Well they are the daughter of Will & Jill and son of Phil & Bill of course! (Some of these characters are in Muppets Take Manhattan.)

This is a separate room decorated to look like an 80’s wedding reception. It has a wood parkour dance floor, vine covered trellises, 80’s pink curtains, and brass chairs and accents. It’s cheesy 80’s décor at its finest.

It even has a disco ball over the dance floor and your typical wedding dance music playing on rotation. We heard the YMCA, “We are Family” by Sister Sledge, Footloose, even some classic NSYNC songs. They even threw in some slow songs to set the mood.

My kids had a blast dancing on the dance floor after they finished their meal. It’s so fun!

We had the room to ourselves for a good chunk of our meal. And it never filled up while we were there, despite it being a crowded weekend day.

We are HUGE Muppets fans. Finding this amazing hidden room upstairs at this restaurant was such a treat.

It’s a great place to relax, cool off, have some delicious food, and enjoy Disney restaurant theming at its finest.

Check it out on your next trip. But maybe don’t tell very many people about it… 😉

Have you eaten at PizzeRizzo? What did you think?

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