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5 Reasons You Will Love Virgin Voyages

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Reasons to Love a Virgin Voyages Cruise

I know I’m the “Disney Gal,” but believe it or not I like traveling to other places as well. (GASP!) Mom and Dad need an escape occasionally too, am I right?

Recently I had the pleasure of sailing on a 5-Night Virgin Voyages cruise out of Miami. This brand new, adults-only cruise line just launched last year. I was thrilled to be able to give it a try to see what it was all about.

The itinerary consisted of two days at sea, a stop at Playa del Carmen, and a visit to Virgin’s private beach club in Bimini, all onboard the beautiful Scarlet Lady.

Even though I threw out my back the day I was supposed to board the ship (that is a whole ‘nother story,) I had a fantastic kid-free vacation with my sister.

Curious to see if a Virgin Voyages sailing is right for you? Here are five things I LOVED about the cruise, and two things that were not my favorite to help you decide.

Reasons to Love Virgin Voyages

Things I Loved

The Food

Seriously the best food I have ever had on a cruise, and maybe even on land. I am talking amazing steak, Italian, Mexican, vegan, Korean BBQ, pizza and more.

We ate dinner at a different restaurant each night. We had to make reservations for the main restaurants, and we were only able to make reservations for each restaurant once. That ensured we tried each one and gave everyone on the ship a chance to eat at all the different eateries.

For lunch and breakfast, we ate in The Galley, which is a big food court with tons of different food options. No reservations required. There was ramen, sushi, a burger bar, tacos, and more. Oh, and do not forget an entire counter full of delicious desserts.

I had the most amazing French toast for breakfast each morning there. My tummy is grumbling just thinking about it.

The great thing about The Galley was that you were still served as if you were at one of the main restaurants. You found a table and a server would bring you whatever you wanted from any of the different options.

Best thing was all the restaurants were included in the price of the cruise. While there were options on the menus that cost extra, you could eat at each location without paying a dime more.

Basic beverages are also included. I did enjoy a few alcoholic beverages, but I left that ship hardly paying anything more than the cost of the cruise itself.

The Cabin

The cabin was a decent size and had plenty of space to organize all of our things.

(See video room tour. I had trouble opening the slider at the end LOL)

The bed was comfortable and completely customizable. I was traveling with my sister, and they were able to turn the large king bed into two twins for us.

Everything from the lights to the curtains were controlled by a tablet, still and sparkling water was refreshed for us daily, and the hammock on our private balcony was heaven at sea.

I also enjoyed the free Wi-Fi on board the entire ship. I was able to stay connected with my kids and husband at home and get a few things for work done.

How Long We Stayed in Port

All-aboard was usually around 7 pm, giving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy each day in port without worry. Some itineraries have overnight stays in port, letting you experience even more of the amazing cities you visit!

Here are some highlights from the Tulum Ruins, senote swim I did, and Bimini.

The Activities

There was something for everyone.

Do you like things a little risqué? There is a show for you.

Want to gamble? On-board casino for you.

Really into your fitness? Tons of activities and amenities for you.

Just want to relax and be entertained? You got it!

The day’s schedule was in the app for you to choose from. Plus, it was easy to schedule time in the spa from the app as well.

It was All on MY Terms

No set schedules, no dining rotation, I did what I wanted when I wanted. That made for a truly relaxing vacation.

What Was Not My Favorite

Only Being Able to Go to Each Restaurant Once

I wish we could have enjoyed a few of the restaurants again. But at the same time, if we had not been forced to try each one, we might have missed something truly great!

The App Was Glitchy

Sometimes the app worked, other times it did not. I am sure this is something they are aware of and working on. For now, I highly recommend screenshotting your port excursion information just in case!

Who is this Ship Perfect For?

Who would love a Virgin Voyages cruise?

  • People who like to go with the flow and do not want everything scheduled out for them.

  • Bachelorette Parties – great place to let loose with the girls before your big day.

  • Honeymooners

  • Couples of any type

  • Friends trip

Any group of adults who want some time to relax, let loose and have a good time.

I am only scratching the surface here of what made our trip so great. My sister and I had a great time. I am already planning a time to go back with my husband.

Click here to check out more information about Virgin Voyages, and then contact me when you are ready to book that cruise. I would love to help you make it amazing!

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